1. Jourdan Dunn For Free People Spring 2014 Collection

  2. 8 Reasons Never To Get A Pet Cat

    There’s been a constant unknown war between Dog & Cat lovers. Here’s why dogs are better and why cats are the pets of evil, evil people.


  4. (NSFW) Ludovic Florent’s series “Poussières d’étoiles”


  5. Why Banning Photoshop Won’t Cure Low Self Esteem

    Why Banning Photoshop Won’t Cure Low Self Esteem


    When I was in 8th grade I had an eating disorder. I would only eat a brownie at lunch and do tae bo tapes until I collapsed from exhaustion. I was trying to be as skinny as possible, no goal weight, no ideal size, just skinny. Why? Because everyone around me thought I was fat, but I was really only a size 5. I didn’t read fashion magazines at that age and I wasn’t obsessed with Hollywood and…

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  6. OutKast Reunites at Coachella

    OutKast reunites at Coachella and we have their full performance.


  7. Kelis x Schon Magazine

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  9. Artist Creates Self Portraits Of Himself while On Different Drugs

    Artist Creates Self Portraits Of Himself while On Different Drugs

    I’ve always had a weird interest in the effects various drugs have on the human mind. Not anything like how many brain cells did you just kill but how their trips were,what did they see. That’s why I was excited to hear about this project artist Bryan Lewis Saunders had done. Basically he took a different drug every day for a few weeks and painting a self portrait of himself. The work is…

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