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Today’s Challenge: Wear Something A Little Risque

Today’s Challenge: Wear Something A Little Risque

FotoFlexer_Photo13There’s something about summer time that makes you want to pick out the shortest thing you can find (along with the highest heels) and make the world your catwalk. Something about these shorts do that for me, I’ve always loved my legs and when I saw these shorts I thought why the hell not?FotoFlexer (3)Although the waist is a bit too wide I think they’re perfect! The print alone is and conversation piece!…

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Make A Positive Change In Your Life: Try Meditation

Make A Positive Change In Your Life: Try Meditation


I’ve always had a terrible problem, I worry way to much. I know everyone says that, that they need to relax. It’s not so much about relaxing, much more about accepting the good with the bad and finding your middle grown. At times I’d worry so much for so long that my weight would (does) fluctuate and my hair would start to shed profusely. I couldn’t handle it. I wasn’t until I was talking to one…

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